Short Video on Trending Page! How ? | Without monetization on YouTube

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  • So guy’s Today we discuss, how its possible short video show on trending page without monetization on YouTube

1)- Depend on You (How)

  • Make the video great by taking a little more time
  • Upload same time on daily shedule time
  • Make short video on trending keywords

2)- Keyword research (How)

  • Keyword research is most important part for your videos
  • Highly ranked keywords is more important for video
  • For YouTube we recommend Vidiq/Tubebuddy

3)- Editing (How)

Editing is also important

  • Short video edit into 9:16
  • Your video need a perfect editing
  • Short video to be less than 1 minute

4)- Upload Short video (How)

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  • complete details discuss in video please check my youtube video
  • Upload same channel category video

5)- Use Hastag (How)

  • Use hastag in every short video
  • Like #shorts #youtubeshorts
  • Use video category hastag also.

These five factor is help for reach your video on trending page, your channel are monetize or not is cannot be compulsory for trending page okay.

Example- (its piru 07) youtube short video show on trending page, now at current time piru channel is not monetize, i have create a video on piru, full name Priyanshu Sharma , Live in Jaipur Rajasthan, He Upload a Short Video on Youtube, Video Trend on #14

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