Most Popular Free Fire Bundles like Red Criminal

Popular free fire bundles

Firstly, Players often purchase free Fire bundles to customize the appearance of their characters. While some bundles are easy to buy from the in-game store, some are hard to come across.

Moreover, The Red Criminal bundle is one of the most popular Free Fire bundles. Players now have the option to acquire the Green Criminal bundle via the Raider Spin event.

Five most important bundle in free fire. Moreover there is many bundles in free fire. Therefore we are going to show you most famous bundles of free fire.

5) Cyber Bunny

The Free Fire bundle was introduced in April 2021 via the Treasure Vault event. Moreover the bundle is quite popular because of its cool look and includes the following items:

  • ( Head ) for cyber bunny
  • ( Mask ) for cyber bunny
  • ( Top ) for cyber bunny
  • Cyber Bunny ( Bottom )
  • Cyber Bunny ( Shoes )

4) Street Boy

Moreover, The Street Boy bundle in Free Fire was recently available for free, and players had to use a redeem code to acquire it. The most desirable part of this Free Fire bundle is the shoes. The bundle includes the following:

  • ( Head ) for street boy
  • ( Mask ) for street boy
  • ( Top ) for street boy
  • Street Boy ( Bottom )
  • Street Boy ( Shoes )

3) Legendary Cobra Rage

Thirdly, The Cobra Ascension event in Free Fire introduced this particular bundle way back in February 2021. Players can customize the bundle in four different colors. It includes the following:

  • ( Head ) for cobra rage
  • ( Mask ) for cobra rage
  • ( Top ) for cobra rage
  • Cobra Rage ( Bottom )
  • Cobra Rage ( Shoes )

2) Blue Dino

Moreover, Out of the six Dino bundles, the Blue Dino bundle is the most famous and the rarest of them all. Like the Criminal Bundle, this Free Fire Incubator bundle has to be used as a full set. Players need to get their hands on Blueprints and Evolution Stones to get this bundle.

1) Hip Hop

Firstly, Hip Hop bundle is one of the oldest Free Fire bundle, and players often choose it. It was part of the Free Fire Season 2 Elite Pass. The bundle offers the following:

  • ( Head ) for the streets
  • ( Top ) for the streets
  • The Streets ( Bottom )
  • The Streets ( Shoes )

Above all of these bundles which one you like mostly.

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