Survive hotdrop fights in Free Fire top 5 tips

Survive hotdrop fights in Free Fire is one of the toughest things that players can do. Most of the time, eliminations occur seconds after players hit the ground, and chaos unfolds on a different level.


Nonetheless, there are many players who prefer hot-dropping as there is a certain level of excitement associate with it. While survival is not a guarantee given the odds, there are a few tips that players can follow to help them survive.

Top 5 tips for surviving hotdrop fights in Free Fire

1) Rotate When Low in Health ( Survive hotdrop fights )

Despite following all of the above tips, things sometimes don’t go according to plan in Free Fire. Due to silly mistakes or just bad luck, the hotdrop becomes a mess, and the only thing left to do is run away.

When players are face with this situation, they should try to move through buildings or use cover to leave the area as soon as possible. It’s better to rotate and survive than to die in a hotdrop zone.

2) Try to get third-party kills ( Survive hotdrop fights )

Rather than engage in direct combat and lose HP, players should try to get early kills by “third partying.” This is the best way for players to easily get kills without having to worry about taking damage.

Additionally, third-partying will allow players to conserve ammunition and medkits and ensure that their armor is undamage for the most part. While third-partying may not seem fair, it is a very good tactical move.

3) Find a weapon, any weapon

In order to survive a hotdrop in Free Fire, players should find a weapon as soon as they land. Rather than looking for a specific weapon, players should pick up anything that does decent damage.

Once the number of opponents in the area has reduced, players can go about looking for a weapon of their choice. Until then, however, using what’s available will be key to survival.

4) Don’t drop next to other players

A common misconception is that a hotdrop means players and opponents land close to each other. However, the truth is very different. While there are a lot of players landing in a Free Fire hotdrop zone, landing close to each other is not the goal.

The only reason why players and opponents end up landing close to each other is because they want early-game eliminations. This should be avoide at all costs, and players should find empty spaces within the hotdrop zone to land in.

5) Try to drop first

One of the most important things to remember before a hotdrop fight in Free Fire is to drop as fast as possible.

The goal is to drop first and secure a decent landing spot. From there, players can go out in search of items.

Players who drop in late are liable to get shot out of the sky. They could also drop into enemy crossfire and get eliminate quickly.

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