How to Change Free Fire Nickname

Free fire name ( Nickname ) change step by step, many players wish to change their names in Garena ff.

  • First, you need to copy the stylish name as per your choice.
  • Then open the game, they have to create an account name/nickname so others can recognize them.
  • Later, they may sometimes want to change these names, either using in-game currency, diamonds, or with a name change card.

Step-by-step guide how to change free fire name ( Nickname )

Step 1 – Launch Free Fire and then press the banner located in the upper left corner of the main lobby screen.

Step 2 – You are required to tap on the edit icon, which is present beside your name badge. Press the icon next to your existing name in the dialog box that appears on your screens.

Step 3 – A pop-up window will show up where you can enter the desired name. Upon doing so, you should click on the card icon to use the name change card and alter the nickname. ( free fire name )

Users can also press the 390 diamonds icon to change the name using the in-game currency.

How you can get change cards Free Fire Name

First, you should open the in-game shop of Garena ff. After that, head to the Redeem section.

Tap on the Guild Token tab and find the name change card.

Press the Exchange button, after which a pop-up appears, asking you to confirm the process.

Noted that gamers need to have 39 diamonds plus 200 guild tokens to attain the name change card.

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