Free Fire advance server registration OB30 | Step by Step guide

What is Free Fire advance server – Before every new big update of Free Fire, an Advance Server is released to test the new features. Recently, the developers opened registrations for the next one, the OB30 Advance Server.

As with all previous server, players will have to enter an Activation Code to access this Advance Server. However, it is only provide to a select number of users in the registration phase.

To register, players should visit the official website of the FF Advance Server.

free fire advance server
free fire advance server.

How to register for free fire advance server step by step

Step 1 – There is an official website for the Free Fire Advance Server, and you can visit it by clicking this link. Click here

Step 2 – Once you have reached the page, click on the Login Facebook option. However, you will need to log in with your Facebook accounts for registration purposes.

Step 3 – A form will pop up on your screen. You should create a profile by filling out details like your name, email, and phone number.

Step 4 – After doing all this, you will finally need to click on the Join Now button to complete the registration process.

The developers will review the applications, and as mentioned above, selected players will be given the Activation Code.

How to download and install advance server

The download for the OB30 Advance Server will commence on 9 September. Users will be able to avail it from its official website itself.

The server will start on the same day as the download and will last for a week, till 16 September. During this time, gamers will have the opportunity to try out all the features.

Players also have the opportunity to earn diamonds by reporting bugs and glitches to the developers.

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