Free DJ Alok character in Free Fire

Free DJ Alok character in Free Fire – DJ Alok is perhaps the finest choice out of the bunch because of his incredible ability, Drop the Beat. During one of the more recent events, players can obtain various character trials, including Alok. As a result, they have a chance to try out the famous character in the battle royale title.

Free DJ Alok character in Free Fire
Free DJ Alok character in Free Fire

In Free Fire’s Indian server, the developers have added a slew of events based on the FFIC Finals. As previously stated, one of them contains a free character trial of DJ Alok.

The “Character Trial” event began on 11 October and will run until 17 October. During this time, gamers must sign in for a certain number of days to obtain the specific characters. They will be eligible to claim DJ Alok if they have logged in for a total of five days.

To redeem the character, after starting Free Fire, users can click the “Calendar” icon to access the event section, then head to the “Esports” tab.

They should tap on “Character Trial” and click on the “Claim” option beside DJ Alok.

At the character’s base level, the ability creates a 5m aura that boosts the movement speed by 10% and restores 5 HP for 5 seconds. It improves as the level increases, and at its peak, the movement speed upsurges by 15%, and the duration is raised to 10 seconds.

Players should remember that there is a 45-second cooldown on DJ Alok’s ability.

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