Dimitri character in Free Fire

Dimitri character’s real name is Dimitri Vegas, a world-famous DJ alongside Like Mike, whose real name is Mike Thivaios.


So Dimitri is one of the best Free Fire characters, but why?

5) Less Cool Down Time

The cool-down time of a character with an active ability. Plays a vital role in representative. how often users can use them. The cool-down time for Healing Heartbeat gradually reduces from 85 sec to 60 seconds. That means he can be used often enough during matches.

4) Suitable For Aggressive Gameplay

Dimitri backs up allies as well as users, so players can engage in intense Battle Royale and Clash Squad matches. Recovering health in critical conditions Plays a big role in survival for Free Fire gamers.

3) Back-up for Allies

There are very few Free Fire characters who benefit users and allies and meanwhile, Dimitricharacter is one of them. The healing zone for self-healing works for both and is very useful when it comes to Clash Squad matches.

2) Self-Healing

Moreover, many characters allow gamers to recover HP, but Free Fire has no options to help self-heal. Dimitri enables them to revive themselves after getting knockdown if they are within the healing zone.

1) HP Recovery

Dimitri’s active ability, healing heartbeat, is a significant source of HP for players engaged in aggressive matches. The 3.5-meter healing zone allows them to recover 3 HP per second. Over 10s at the first level and 15s at the final one.

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