Most Popular emotes in Garena Free Fire

Emotes are one of the most popular character customizations in the game. After that some emotes are basic while some have over-the-top animations.

Most important five best popular emotes

1) Obliteration

Firstly, The hit superhero series One Punch Man collaborated with Free Fire and inspired many interesting items in the game shop. However, the Obliteration emote is special because it mimics the signature punch of the protagonist, Saitama.

LOL, Booyah, and Flowers of Love are also some of the popular emotes in the game and deserve a mention.

2) Top DJ

Top DJ is an emote inspired by the popular character Top DJ. Therefore, Both the character and the emote are a favorite with players. The legendary emote features a floating DJ console. The in-game character holds a mic and pretends to hype up a crowd.

I’m Rich, Power of Money, and Make it Rain are the emotes inspired by the popular Spanish series ‘Money Heist’. The hit Free Fire x Money Heist collab spawned many cool items in the game.

The ‘I’m Rich’ emote mimics a scene from the series. The in-game character lays atop a huge pile of cash and showers itself with cash.

4) FFWC Throne

Back in 2019, the FFWC Throne emote and a bunch of other World Cup series-inspired items made their way into the game. Out of those, the FFWC Throne became a favorite with players. The emote features a golden throne on which the in-game character strikes a royal pose.

5) Doggie

Shiba is one of the most adorable pets in Free Fire and this makes the Doggie emote popular. The emote features Shiba dancing in a cute outfit with the in-game character. Doggie was one of the most attractive prizes at the emote party event.

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