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Gun combinations are a crucial part of any player’s strategy, whether Garena Free Fire or the brand new Free Fire MAX. Most of the time, the result of a match is decide based on the quality of weapons and skills of players operating these firearms.

In Free Fire MAX, the choice of weapon combination should be made considering the capability of the guns in the various ranged fights, whether it’s a closer one or a longer one.

A combination of an AR and a Sniper has excellent potential for almost all ranged fights, while a duo of shotguns or SMGs proves deadlier in short-range scuffles. Hence, it is crucial to have a combination that suits the gameplay strategy and approach.

Free Fire MAX: Best gun combinations for rush gameplay

Here are the best gun combinations for players who have an aggressive approach with rush playstyle:

1) Scar and M14Scar and M14

Scar lies among the quickest rifles in the game, while M14 is a solid option for high-damage ARs, as the latter boasts a damage rating of 77. Scar suits close and mid-range fights due to excellent stability while dealing damage quickly.

On the flip side, M14 is among the ARs but has excellent mid-range and long-range capabilities that can be used as a Sniper Rifle and an Assault Rifle hybrid.

Both guns provide an outstanding balance to the combination and are perfect whenever players rush on enemies as the weapon duo requires less practice.

2) MAG-7 and ParafalMAG-7 and Parafal

MAG-7 is the weakest shotgun in terms of damage infliction but can be considere the most accurate one in Free Fire MAX. This shotgun can prove to be pretty crucial for any player whenever they are rushing. They can rapidly finish off their enemies with one or two shots of MAG-7.

However, MAG-7 is not a great mid-range weapon and should be coupled with a stable rifle Parafal. The addition of Parafal will elevate the tactical advantage over longer-ranged fights. Hence, MAG-7 and Parafal make a brilliant combination in Free Fire MAX.

3) M249 and MP40M249 and MP40

M249 is a great LMG in Free Fire MAX that is enough to finish a whole squad in one go. It deals damage with a rating of 57 with excellent stability, making it a good choice for mid-range fights.

If players couple M249 with quick-fire yet stable SMG, MP40, it will make their gun combination suitable for rush playstyle. Players should remember that being an SMG, MP40 has a low ammo capacity and will need continuous reloads.

4) Groza and M82BGroza and M82B

Much like AWM, Groza is also an exclusive airdrop weapon with superior capabilities to other guns in its category. Groza seems like a highly stable AR than most of the guns. Its high damage rate of 61 and a range of 77 are other reasons that make the firearm deadlier.

To complement the close-range potential of Groza, players can consider a deadly rifle like M82B. Players can quickly get a kill with two shots of M82B with an ample amount of practice.

If players can master a sniper in a close-range fight, they can get the best results in a match.

5) AUG and AWMAUG and AWM

AUG is among the quick-fire rifles (ARs), and AWM is arguably the best Sniper in Free Fire MAX. The AR is not accurate and slightly unstable in medium ranges, but it’s the best one in the category after Groza.

In the given combination, AWM’s long-range shots complement AUG’s short-range capabilities. Hence, AWM and AUG are great to pair when players are playing aggressively.

However, players need to master AWM in close and mid-range scuffles as it is an excellent gun for one-shot kills.

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