5 Best SMG Guns like MP40 in Garena Free Fire

MP40 is an excellent option for close-range combat in Free Fire. The gun has an insane firing rate and is among the greatest Free Fire weapons.

Despite its overpowered performance in close-quarter skirmishes, MP40 has some cons. It has low default magazine capacity and no attachment options other than ammo. Hence, players sometimes overlook MP40 in Free Fire for better options.

Free Fire weapons: What are the best alternatives for MP40

1) UMP

UMP has the slowest rate of fire among all guns on this list but is one of the best SMG in Free Fire. UMP has limitations in close-range due to slower firing rate, but the number of attachments makes the gun more preferable.

2) P90

MP40 has a low default magazine capacity that sometimes makes the gun a liability. P90 resolves that issue, as the quick-fire SMG has a default ammunition capacity of 50 and damage of 49.

P90 can be considered slightly slower than MP40 with a firing rate of 76.

3) MP5

MP5 is slower than MP40 with a rate of fire, which is slightly disadvantageous. MP5 can use many attachments. These attachments enhance the power of this gun.

The decent firing rate of 76 and various attachment slots make MP5 a more suitable gun for mid-range. MP5’s 77 reload speed and 48 magazine capacity make it a decent option in short-range battles.

4) Thompson

Thompson has greater ammunition capacity and a slightly better damage rating than MP40. Compared to the MP40, Thompson is more stable, but slightly slower, with a firing rate of 77.

Hence, Thompson can be considered a better alternative for the mid-range while its close-range performance is satisfactory, Thompson also lacks attachments.


Vector is an excellent alternative for MP40 due to similar performance in close-range. Both guns have a rapid firing rate, with MP40 having a slightly better rating than Vector. However, Vector has a better magazine capacity of 25 with Akimbo style firing mode.

Hence, Vector gets a slighter edge over MP40 in short-range fights. However, both guns have the issue of less available attachments.

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