Best free fire landing spots | Top 5 landing spots in Free Fire

Some landing spots offer low-quality loot but good places to hide and great rotation possibilities. Today i am going to tell you top 5 landing spots in free fire. Meanwhile, others offer the chance to get early-game eliminations and provide an excellent zone advantage for players. These areas are perfect drop locations for beginners and … Read more

5 Best SMG Guns like MP40 in Garena Free Fire

MP40 is an excellent option for close-range combat in Free Fire. The gun has an insane firing rate and is among the greatest Free Fire weapons. Despite its overpowered performance in close-quarter skirmishes, MP40 has some cons. It has low default magazine capacity and no attachment options other than ammo. Hence, players sometimes overlook MP40 in Free Fire for … Read more

Most Popular Free Fire Bundles like Red Criminal

Popular free fire bundles – Firstly, Players often purchase free Fire bundles to customize the appearance of their characters. While some bundles are easy to buy from the in-game store, some are hard to come across. Moreover, The Red Criminal bundle is one of the most popular Free Fire bundles. Players now have the option … Read more

How to download Free Fire in PC/Laptop

Let see how to downlaod free fire in pc/laptop Garena Free Fire is most popular Battle royale game for mobile. This game gives you a traditional battle royale game experience. You can play this game with team or solo. This is a survival game like another battle royale games for mobile. let see how to … Read more

Most Popular emotes in Garena Free Fire

Emotes are one of the most popular character customizations in the game. After that some emotes are basic while some have over-the-top animations. Five most popular emotes in Garena Free Fire as of 2021 Most important five best popular emotes 1) Obliteration Firstly, The hit superhero series One Punch Man collaborated with Free Fire and … Read more

How to Change Free Fire Nickname

Free fire name ( Nickname ) change step by step, many players wish to change their names in Garena ff. First, you need to copy the stylish name as per your choice. Then open the game, they have to create an account name/nickname so others can recognize them. Later, they may sometimes want to change … Read more

Free Fire Green Criminal Bundle Glitch File | Get Free Green Criminal Bundle in Free Fire

What is Green Criminal Bundle in Free Fire – Green Criminal Bundle is a very popular bundle. Free Fire Removed this bundle from its store. But now this bundle is available in the spin event but everybody doesn’t have money to buy a diamond then spin and get this bundle but here I am giving … Read more

Dimitri character in Free Fire

Dimitri character’s real name is Dimitri Vegas, a world-famous DJ alongside Like Mike, whose real name is Mike Thivaios. So Dimitri is one of the best Free Fire characters, but why? 5) Less Cool Down Time The cool-down time of a character with an active ability. Plays a vital role in representative. how often users … Read more